Photo by Chris Keller

Photo by Chris Keller





1. having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.

Let’s chat about what it means to be “fierce.”

REAL TALK: A lot of times I really don’t know what I’m doing. Majority of the time, I’m terrified of what’s next and second guess a lot of my decisions.

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When I think about myself in that light, I don’t necesarrily consider myself to be “fierce” in my approach in life at all. But when I put things into perspective, when I look to the past, I have to just roll my eyes at fear and self-doubt. I realize what a magnificent journey God has placed me on. What a beautiful mission he has given me to HEAL myself and others through the gift of vulnerability and music, and a certainty that he will not let me fail.

What makes me fierce is my ability to TRUST the uncertainty of the universe, even in my fear. To be vulnerable and honest with myself, by taking a deep look into why I am the way that I am and what I’ve been through. To do with work within myself, and not be afraid of what I’ll find. To follow the flow of life as it was given to me, and to show up the best the I can with a “ferocious aggressiveness” in every situation it presents me with. To me, that’s BRAVE.

My lesson right now is to not kick and scream, when life gives me a circumstance to sharpen my character, but to embrace it. To surrender. What makes you fierce in the midst of your fear?? 🦁 📸: @kelllllller