How do you narrow down your goals? I know for me it’s not easy because I have a lot. A lot of times I will feel completely overwhelmed when I write out my list of intentions because when I see how long the list is, it seems like it will never get done… or they all start overlapping each other and it becomes a tangled mess. Recently I started a new thing. Each week, I narrow it down to 3 categories:




So for instance, this week, my intentions were:

1.) CAREER: to narrow down my song list for my upcoming studio session.

2.) SPIRITUAL: keep my heart space open.. even when it wants to close when I get angry or frustrated.

3.) PHYSICAL: get back on the routine of 15 stair runs.

Even though these are three separate intentions, they all go hand in hand. Sometimes going through my music can be a bit emotional for me, it brings up a lot of things and can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Keeping my heart space open keeps me open to new opportunities and new ideas. I’ve notice when I show myself grace but staying open, I’m in the flow, and inspiration will show up more often when it comes to writing and planning for sessions. My physical goals always reminds me that I’m strong. Being a musician, sometimes life can be a waiting game. Having physical goals, and working to accomplish them, reminds me that I am a achieving something. It keeps me going! 

Is it easy for you to set goals and intentions? What’s your strategy?